Your Wish Is Their Command

Real life genie Mario Navarro promises to deliver ANYTHING to your home within the hour

Imagine this. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you want to sit in your slippers in front of the TV but you’re also craving that amazing burger from your favourite restaurant. What do you do?

Well, that dilemma is over, thanks to Mario Navarro, real-life genie. His business, Jinn, promises to deliver anything from food to fridges to your home within 60 minutes.

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Navarro, co-founder and CEO of Jinn, studied economics in Madrid but dropped out after three years to set up his company. He met his two co-founders, Leon Herrera and Joseba Mendivil, doing an exchange year in a university in Richmond, Virginia.

They originally planned to create an app allowing people to share cars but soon changed it. “It was a better opportunity to do the transportation of products because there were a lot of courier companies but none offer the possibility of buying the product on your behalf,” says Navarro.

“It’s kind of a new concept for a courier company.”

How It Began


The business first began when the trio moved to Newcastle and became part of a start-up acceleration program called Ignite100. “They help you transform your idea into a real business so every day you get to meet investors, mentors and successful people.

“It [the program] started in September (2013) and it lasted for three months. It worked really well,” he says.

“We started off doing something really simple by setting up a Facebook page that allowed students to order anything they want 24/7.”

Soon, however, the entrepreneurs realised that 85% of the orders were food. So they decided to limit their delivery time from 10am to 12pm.

“We started selling ourselves as ‘yes you can have whatever you want delivered’ but especially food from restaurants that don’t deliver,” Navarro explains.

“So, for example, if you want a Nandos, Wagamama, McDonalds or here in London Shake Shack or any of your favourite places that might not deliver but does takeaways, you can order it through our app.”




Not Just Food

While food makes up the bulk of their deliveries, Jinn allows customers to order virtually anything they want – and have it delivered quickly. This means customers can order from places such as Ikea and supermarkets and get their deliveries, which they may normally have to wait days for, within an hour.

After Ignite 100 ended, Navarro and the team carried on their business in Newcastle. In April, 2014, they decided to close it down and move to London.

“We looked at the numbers and it wasn’t efficient enough to run the Newcastle and the London branches at the same time,” says Navarro.

“It was a very tough decision, once you have people who like your service so much that they’re actually paying for it, it’s tough to close it down.”

The biggest change from moving his business to London has been the differences in what people order. Even though food orders take up 85% of their deliveries, they’ve nonetheless had some weirdly wonderful requests.

“Last week alone we delivered medicines, cigarettes, a pirate flag, a fridge, a swivel chair, and an iPhone charger,” he says.

“Your Wish is my Command”

With transportation in London as hectic as it is, it’s hard to believe that anyone can buy something and get it delivered in an hour. But Jinn’s motto is a simple one: Your wish is my command.

“We have a wait time of 60 minutes. We did some trials and if we use the right means of transportation, you can actually go to restaurants, buy a product and deliver it in less than an hour,” he says.

“Our couriers have bikes, scooters and cars and depending on the time and area we would use one of the couriers. For now we have kept our promise for delivering within 60 minutes so we’re really happy with that.”

Martin Pluskal who has used Jinn in the past and loves it says: “Yeah its class. They’re actually really quick and apparently if they don’t deliver in the hour they don’t charge you the 10% delivery cost.”


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