The Truth About Protein Shakes

 Do protein shakes really work? EMDM’s Norresa Perucho carried out a survey of 30 men and women aged between 18 and 24. The results may surprise you…

Eighty percent of gym users use protein shakes to help transform their bodies during their workout. Whether they are using a meal replacement to fit around their gym routine or a whey protein shake to help with muscle growth and definition, protein shakes can make an impact on a person’s physique.

Whey Protein was the most popular

Whey Protein was the most popular

Our results showed that MaxiMuscle was the 2nd most popular

Our results showed that MaxiMuscle was the 2nd most popular

Seventy percent of those who took part in the survey chose to drink the shakes after their workout because it can help with recovery. This is due to working out, as a person’s protein levels will drop.



Exercising matters more

Seb Morgan, 27, who works as a freelance personal trainer says he uses whey protein during the day combined with a banana, because the two together work as an aid to his body’s full recovery.

However, Morgan only drinks the protein shakes as a source of protein. “Protein shakes do not help transform a person’s body,” he says.

“Regular, intelligent and corrective form training combined with sensible eating and nutrition will transform the body.

“Adding a protein supplement just adds to the numbers of protein and calorie intake.”

Whey Protein

Whey protein is has a high level of protein in it and is most popular amongst body builders and athletes. According to Maxi Nutrition, protein help to build tissue, cells and muscles. They also say that whey protein specifically, helps with muscle building, because it contains a high level of amino acids. It is also fast to digest

Fifty-three percent of men and women drink whey protein, whereas only 6% drink meal replacement drinks.

Maxi Nutrition

The most popular brand of protein shakes, with 23% of gym users drinking it, is Maxi Nutrition. Nicholas Velasco, 18, a lifeguard at Virgin Active, prefers to drink Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.

Velsaco said: “I heard lots of positive feedback about that brand, and I have seen as well as experienced positive changes (to my body), which could partially be because of this product.”

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Maxi Nutrition is a good brand who say there are the ‘experts in protein science,’ and can help customers to achieve their goals. So no wonder it is the most popular amongst men and women.

Protein shakes are part of a multibillion pounds industry, with people selling them and customers still wanting to buy it.

Caffeine levels

Paul Lowithan, 33, a freelance personal trainer says that customers look at the products which usually contains a picture of a big bulky man and assume that this is what they will look like.

“When looking at the ingredients in protein drinks, a lot of it is not good for you. The caffeine intake is excessive,” said Lowithan.

“I see men at the gym drinking these shakes and with the amount of protein in it, they are awake server hours later. One of the biggest things your body needs to repair is sleep,” Lowithan continues.

EMDM’s survey showed that the most popular type of protein shake also includes whey protein, with 20% of participants using diet shakes. The least popular protein shakes were egg and soya.

When it came to brands of protein shakes, 43% of users preferred to make their own drinks.


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