The Chocolate Festival

Chocolate lovers gathered at the Business Design Centre in Angel, North London to get their cocoa fix from a plethora of chocolatiers with a some surprises along the way.

Premium quality chocolate filled the businesscentre from all chocolatiers from all around the UK, including maker and creator Lucy Wager from Cheshire who owns Pudology.

Fifth Annual Event

With it being its 5th year running, this chocolate event started off in 2005 and now has been discovered from magazine Timeout and online flyers via Facebook.

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There are a variety of different flavours at the exhibition and some chocolate contained alcohols such as champagne and rum, a tipple of choice here at EMDM HQ, yum!

Dairy Free Pudding

If you can get away from tasting all the different types of chocolates, try some Pudology.It is a dairy free chocolate which is sold at many health food stores, Selfridges being one of them and soon to be launching in ninety Tesco’s stores in June this year. What makes pudology so delicious? There use of ingredients such as from their ‘Chocolate orange pud’ it’s listed as; coconut milk, Dark chocolate, water, sugar and Brazilian orange oil. And it taste just as good as the dairy option.

Creator and maker Lucy Wager from Cheshire is the brains behind this great chocolate pudding. She is dairy intolerant, so she wanted to develop a tasty pudding she can eat, and hence forth Pudology wasborn.

But where did the name ‘Pudology’ come from?

‘My dad came up with the name during brainstorming, he mentioned groupology and then voila; he said what about Pudology and I loved it and went with it.’

It was the company’s first time exhibiting at a popular chocolate event, which gave them a taste of what it would be like if Pudology were to make it mainstream.

Lucy said: ‘Chocolate for me is like no other ingredient, it delivers something that nothing else can give, it also makes people happy.’

You can find Pudology pudding to purchase from Ocado, prices for 3 puds are £5 and twin packs are for £3.45.

Chocolate classes

If you’ve had enough of tasting chocolate why don’t you try making some, Paul. A. Young’s company – Fine chocolates hosts its own chocolate making classes.

Nick Quarton- Cats, chocolatier, who was trained by Paul himself and works for this establishment said:’ We’re here to teach people how to make truffles, all chocolates from Paul.a.Young are made by hand As you can see truffle making is quite messy, first it starts with tempering the chocolate.’

What exactly is Tempering chocolate?…. (The Science part)

  • Melting the chocolate to 60 degrees
  • This breaks down the molecules, to be able to handle the chocolate easier
  • Once its melted, it then has to be cooled down to 31 degrees
  • Once this process has been done then can you handle to chocolate


‘With Easter being around the corner this is a great build up to it, it’s very busy but then again so is Christmas, being in the industry for 4 years the importance to me believe it or not is educating the people on the quality of the chocolate and the origins of where it comes from. That is what chocolate means to me.’

Fact: When tempering chocolate this makes it easier to shape and mould it, the shine also doesn’t go it keeps that silky shine

Ydonna Santos, 26, from Sydney said: ‘The event is fantastic, being from Sydney you don’t usually get events like this over there, I think it’s good that not all the chocolate is mainstream. All the chocolate here makes me happy it reminds me of my childhood days.’

You could even take a trip to a cocoa spa; this spa is different from a normal spa. You can indulge in treatments such as a free hand massage with products used from The Hotel chocolat. If you feel to get something with a bit more of a wow factor you can even get your eye make-up done with products which have cocoa in there.

If this tickled your taste buds the chocolate festival will be back next year, to keep up to date with all things chocolate follow them on their Facebook page ‘The chocolate festival’ or their Twitter account @Thechocfestival

Let the EMDM team know what your favourite chocolate delicacy is in the poll below


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