Secret sugars in smoothies and Sport drinks

Do you ever think about how much sugar is in your smoothies? How about those sports drinks?….Well it may surprise you to know that those Ribena, Lucozade and even those innocent smoothies are not so innocent with the amount of sugar that is in them.

That instant boost of energy you thought they grace you with is actually an instant rush of sugar.

Sports Drinks You Should Avoid From

Powerade- Packed with heavy amounts of sugar and 300 calories, the sweet taste will keep you wanting more and more.

Galceau Vitaminwater- This celebrity endorsed sports drinks is jam packed with a lot of sugar. It contains large amounts of vitamins such as C, A and B12. The amount of calories it contains is a staggering 125-150.

Gym Goer

With these sports drinks being consumed keeping fit is a necessity, burning off those calories and getting rid of those toxins.

Andy Trait, 24 who is a regular gym goer at Clissold Leisure centre attends gym 3 times a week to keep fit and improve his health.

Andy Trait said: ‘Personal fitness is key in my day to day life because my work is fast pace. I tend to come to the gym and work off my stress; I do take sports drinks, as this contains electrolytes.


Electrolytes are needed during exercise to replace the salts lost during activity, sweating. A scientific experiment can be to test the levels of electrolytes in the drinks. There are only good if the person uses them during an activity, as it will replace the salt lost during sweating.

sports drink

Sport Drink= Image from Getty Images

Mr Traint continued and said: ‘ I believe parents should increment the use of homemade drinks more than these false advertisement drinks which contains high amounts of sugar, the healthiest way is to make smoothies at home, that’s what I do.’

The Expert

Nutritionist Guru Christal Scezbal, 28, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who has been practicing nutrition for 4 years had this to say: ‘If a smoothie is made solely with fruit I think it’s great as those are natural fruit sugars, however when drinks have added refined sugars I they pose a problem. These refined sugars cause spikes in blood sugar. The healthy homemade alternative you could do is combine fresh or frozen fruits with water or milk (skim, almond, rice etc.) and sneaking in some vegetables in like spinach or kale is great! I always like to get some healthy fats and protein in a smoothie too so an addition like peanut butter, or almond is brilliant.’

You can check out cookingguide Youtube account in how to make some lovely home made smoothies.

Staying healthy and fit comes with a challenge however it shouldn’t be a chore it should be a way of life. However should these sports drinks be allowed to be consumed on a regular basis without physical activity, and should children be consuming them?

Ms Scezbal continued and said: ‘The problem is that a lot of people consume these drinks on a regular basis outside of strenuous physical activity. The sugars are then not used for immediate energy and can be stored as body fat. Children like adults can become easily addicted to refined sugars so I suggest that children should consume drinks with natural fruit sugars or just water, it’s the best for hydration.’

If you would like to know more about Christals nutrition values and to get some delicious recipes check out her website at or visit her Facebook group at ‘Nutritionist in the Kitch’ and her Twitter account @NutritionistITK

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