Pub Gardens on Trend

People are now preferring to visit pub gardens instead of coffee shops nowadays. The popular pub gardens are now popping up in every corner. Now that smoking has become illegal indoors, the outdoor garden at a pub is more ideal for those customers who puff away

It’s the only place where you can unwind and chat about your week with friends and family in the comfort of a pub and also the new part of the pub, – the garden. The pub garden have always been around but since good weather and the customers who light to light up a cig there need to be somewhere to attract customers but also make them comfortable.

History on Pub Gardens

The Beer garden originated in Germany first in the 19th century, they then swiftly came over to the UK and now have started becoming a trend and the popular outdoor pub scene is highly busy during the summer period. Even some winter nights a pub garden look lovely, with sparkling spotlights and open fire logs it also gives that cosy feeling on those chilly nights, especially the round up towards Christmas.

The pint pourers

Sergio Curva, 22, Bartender at The Queens Head in Kings cross said: ‘The atmosphere at The Queens head is very friendly, we normally get more customers who are in the ‘office’ working environment. They come in after work, have a few beers and chat away with their work mates’.


Refreshing cold Beer [Image from Getty Images UK]

That Friday feeling when works finishes you will always hear someone say ‘Want to grab a pint at the pub’. Mr Curva continued and said: ‘Every Thursday and Sunday we have some jazz playing, it makes the atmosphere even better and the customers really enjoy it. It’s great that pub gardens have come on board, especially for the smokers they don’t really mind standing in the cold during those winter nights. And when summer hits here in the UK people get to enjoy the weather whilst having a nice cold drink’.

Here are what people are saying on Twitter @TheQueens_Head

Top 5 Beer gardens from Timeout

  • The Albion- Situated between Upper Street and Caledonian Road. Tipple of choices are between beers and a list of summery cocktails.
  • Alwyne Castle- Situated in Islington with plenty of space and an enormous garden this is one place to visit during the summer. Drinks of choice are between lagers, ciders and ale on tap.
  • Earl of Essex- Situated in Islington. This traditional wooden furniture pub is well known for their proper pub grub and their barbecues.
  • The Edinboro Castle- Situated in Camden. The lively pub has a cool garden where you can relax in the cosy side tables with their heaters or chill underneath their marquee. Tuck into their barbecues or hog roast.
  • Fultering Fullback-Situated in the capital. It may have a small garden but it still has people buzzing to go there. Provides a mainstream bar, and the food has a twist not pub grub but Thai street food.

Pub goer Miriam Pugh, 23, from Derby said: ‘I think there is a trend for pub gardens in summer because everyone wants to make the most of the good weather with their friends. With the lack of pub gardens there should be more because it gets over crowded when it’s hot. My favourite pub garden The Abbey (Derbyshire) always have plenty of seating, flowers however it would be nice if dogs were allowed, that’s the only downer’.

The commonalities between popular pub gardens is that they all each hold something unique, they all have different characteristics and they’re not fine establishment like bars. People like the vintage style chairs which reminds them of having a pint in the comfort of your home.

With summer on its way, be sure to find your local pub garden so you can enjoy the summer weather (if we get any) with your friends and family.  


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