Protein Pancakes



Pancakes that won’t pile on the calories

Pancake Day is fast approaching on Tuesday (4 March) when more than 30 million of us will have our frying pans at the ready for arguably one of the messiest but most popular and yummiest traditions in the calendar.

Historically, pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday  is the last day of indulgence when you use up what’s in your cupboard before 40 days of fasting. Today, instead of starving ourselves, those that participate generally abstain from sweet treats, alcohol or whatever our vice.


On pancake day we crack an estimated 52 million eggs in the UK to make our mixtures. That’s 22 million more eggs than we use on a normal day according to York Press. An average egg has about 150 calories which means we’re consuming an egg-stra 3.3 billion calories on this one day!

The traditional pancake recipe is made up of flour, milk and eggs with a pinch of salt and sugar. An average, medium thickness, pancake contains 158 calories which is 8% of your daily required intake. And, that’s before you’ve even reached for the chocolate spread.

Swapping ingredients

Instead of trying to resist the temptation, EMDM has been on the hunt for some tasty alternatives.

As a substitute for this annual calorific blow-out, some fitness enthusiasts have been altering the ingredients, swapping flour for protein powder and chocolate, sugar and syrup toppings for sliced fruit.

Cory Ashton, 26, a self-confessed health and fitness fanatic, shares his protein pancake recipe with EMDM:


“It’s scary how much hidden fat is in pancakes. I made up this recipe last year after one of the guys at my gym told me about using protein powder as a flour substitute…It’s not too expensive.”

Cory uses one cup of protein powder with half-a-cup of gluten free flour (you still need some flour to make the mixture stick).

Cory’s recipe:

  • One cup of protein powder
  • Half-a-cup of gluten free flour
  • One cup of skimmed milk
  • Half-a-cup of water
  • One large egg

He continues, “It’s so easy. You just mix it all together in a bowl and then cook them like normal pancakes in a pan.”

While this is a lower-calorie alternative, Cory says it’s still important to remember, “Anything you don’t burn off is stored as fat in the body.”



EMDM editor, Kirsty, tried out the recipe for herself. Here’s what she thought:




“The consistency of this recipe was a little thicker than I’m used to. The batter didn’t really move in the frying pan and I had to use a spatular to make it into a pancake shape. I cut up strawberries and added a little sugar and they were very tasty.

I’d give the recipe 4/5″

Have trouble with flipping your pancakes perfectly? Watch this:


We want to know your favourite pancake flavour combinations! Answer our survey below.


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