Easter Bank Holiday’s World Food Street Festival

Glorious sunshine in the sky, a cool breeze from the River Thames and the smell of freshly cooked pizzas and burgers, all lingered over Southbank’s Queens Walk.

The annual World Street Food Festival came back during the Easter bank holiday weekend, bringing Londoners an assortment of international delicacies from around the world.

Welcome to the World Street Food Festival

Welcome to the World Street Food Festival

Kathy Sousa, 36 a carer from East London said: “I heard about the event from a friend. I think this is a great opportunity to eat food from around the world.

“I have had fun today, and yes will be coming back next year,” she continued.

Many stalls offered multicultural street food cuisine, coming from such far-flung countries such as India, South Africa, Poland and the Caribbean.

With live music, and cocktails and beers available on the hour, the World Street Food Festival is a great time to meet up with friends, eat good food and enjoy the weekend.

Indian Street Food With Horn Ok Please

Horn Ok Please, offers Indian Street Food, which stays away from the curry house of Indian food, offering a very different take on the cuisine.

Sandhya Aiyar, 32 who is working on the stall says that Horn Ok Please has a “niche market.

“We get a lot of people (coming to our stall) who have been to India and are craving these flavours, or people who are from India.”

Horn Ok Please, selling Indian Street Food

Horn Ok Please, selling Indian Street Food

The vegetarian stall is healthy and good for you, while keeping all the spices and flavours of traditional Indian food. We do a lentil and spice crepe with potatoes inside. We also use out homemade chutneys, so yes it is very healthy,” continues Aiyar.

But if healthy Indian food, doesn’t satisfy your palette, Lalapolosa Baking offers freshly baked doughnuts with a variety of fillings.

Lalapolosa Baker

Lallapolosa,  is a business owned between Adam Jones and his wife, Elsye, and has the meaning of ‘something exceptional’. Elyse has always loved baking ever since she was young, it was a joint dream between them to start up a business once they had settled down, and that is exactly what happened three years ago.

Adam Jones at the World Street Food Festival

Adam Jones at the World Street Food Festival

“My wife is Canadian, so a lot of the baking are influences of North American Style Baking,” said Adam Jones, 36.

At the festival, their doughnuts come in a range of flavours from: strawberries and cream to pistachio glaze to raspberries and chocolate.

Lalapolosa Bakery

Lalapolosa Bakery

On the Real Food Market itself, Jones sates that “it is the best food market in London. I like the mix of food here, and they put on a lot of fantastic festivals.”

Good Prices

Other visitors included Natalie Schnurrer and Vanessa Agster, who were visiting the Street Food Festival from Germany said: “We were here at the London Eye and saw the festival, we have almost tried everything here, because we keep getting the samples,” said Schnurrer.

At the festival, the prices were nearly the same at £6 for a meal, $4 for a non-alcoholic drink and £6 for an alcoholic drink. On whether the prices were too steep for a food festival, Schnnurrer believes that the prices were “not too expensive because you get a lot of food for the price.

The World Street Food Festival, is a fun way to spend the bank holiday weekend, eating good food and catching up with friends

The event ran on : Friday 18th April (12pm to 8pm), Saturday 19th April (11am to 8pm), Sunday 20th April and Monday 21st April (12pm to 6pm)

Location: Queens Walk, Southbank

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