Alana Spencer a.k.a Narna

Alana Spencer chocolatier from Wales is one of the youngest chocolatiers that had a fascination on cooking and chocolate at the very young age of 17; it was only when her mother bought her a cooking book that at 18 she had begun her own business in making chocolate.

With a successful name ‘Narnas’ which everyone now knows her by, her chocolate delights have also got people coming back for more and more.

You can see Alana in action with her selection of chocolate treats at chocolate exhibition or live events to get your chocolate fix. She also has a website where you can buy online her produce from cake pops, cakes, and even those treats for those parties and wedding events.

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Alana Spencer had this to say: ‘All this happening now for me all was self-taught, it all started off when my mum bought me a cooking book, and the first thing I made was Truffles. Now I have mastered that I ventured off and now make all different types of chocolate treats.’


  • A chocolate confectionary, traditionally made with chocolate ganache
  • The centre is coated in chocolate, icing or anything else that takes your fancy i.e hazelnuts, coconut etc.
  • Their name comes from the Latin word tuber, meaning lump or swelling
  • You can get them all in different variety of flavours

Here’s a video from Allrecipes on Youtube on how to make Truffles

Top favourite flavours of chocolate delicacies that Alana said that sold fast at The Chocolate Festival were the Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and the Black forest gateau cake pops which were a hit.

Alana continued: ‘I was lucky that I fell into chocolate so easy, I love cooking and I see this as a business opportunity, other than that I love chocolate.’

You can visit Alana’s website at or her Twitter account which is @narnaschocolate




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